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What is eCPM, CPC and CTR ?

If you run ads (ex Google Adsense) in your website or blog, you might have noticed eCPM, CPC and CTR.

Here is the explaintion of the terms.

  • eCPM – Effective cost-per-thousand impressions. Earnings per 1000 impressions. Cost to show your ad a thousand times in your website.
  • CPC – Cost Per Click (How much will you earn per click). Basically CPC cost is determined by the advertiser. Advertisers will pay more per click for sites with niche content.
  • CTR – Click through rate (measure of how often users click on your ads). If your ad receives one click for 100 views, you are said to have a CTR of 1% or .01.

Lots of factors contribute to your earnings in Adsense and other affiliate programs. Traffic is one of the important factor, more people visit your site, more ad clicks and revenue. Moreover quality of your content is important.

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