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How to Create a Website for Free ?

Where can I create a free website? This is the question I was asked. Here is the answer, You can create a website for free at Mircosoft office Live. You don’t need technical skills to create a website if you use the officelive, as the website design and management tools are already available. Initially Office Live Basics offered free and include free domain name along with Web site storage, now you will get a custom free domain name for the first year only.

If you already have a domain you can redirect it to use with Mircosoft office Live website design, hosting, and email services. They ask your credit card for at the time of signup (For identity verification only no charges).

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Office Live Free Website Features

  • Free website hosting – with 500 MB of free storage, additional website storage can be purchased here.
  • Free templates and easy to use tools
  • Free email accounts – 100 email accounts (5 GB of storage per account) email@yourdomain
  • Online Document Storage and Sharing – Using Office Live Workspace

Basically, you don’t need to pay for anything except your domain name after 1 year ( $14.95/year after 1 year ) and any additional storage you have used apart from 500 MB of free storage.

Why not go ahead and create a website for free now at Microsoft Office Live, you may contact customer support after 1 year to cancel the service if you don’t like, as you have to pay $14.95 for domain name after first year.

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