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How Do I Transfer a Domain Name

This article explains how to transfer a domain name to another domain name registrar? Before you transfer your domain name, you should follow these three steps:

1. Unlock your domain name – Some domain name registration companies “lock” domain names to prevent transfers. Make sure your domain name is unlocked.

2. Make sure your e-mail address is correct – E-mail message with transfer approval instructions will be sent to you to the administrative contact email address on file at the old domain name registration company. So make sure you have the correct email address, else update it.

3. Get your authorization code – EPP transfer authorization code (also known as an authcode) will be required to transfer your domain from old company to the new. You will find this in your Domain Control Panel. Your new domain name company may ask you for an EPP transfer authorization code. Know your transfer authorization code.

These are the 3 most important things to transfer a domain name, now ask your new domain name registration company to start the domain name transfer from your old company.

Once you receive the transfer approval email from old company approve it. Then, your new domain name registration company will ask you to enter the EPP domain transfer authorization code in their web panel. That’s it. Once the domain in transferred a “transfer success” email is sent to notify the customer that the domain is now located in their account.

Once your transfer is complete, you may cancel your plan with your current provider.

Also, domain registrars like Tiger Technologies actually give you a free domain name if you host with them. This is cheaper than keeping domain only with another registrar!

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