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Hosting a Website – How To

Hosting a website is not that hard as you think. Once you have created pages for your website you can host it at a hosting provider. There are number hosting providers around. Each has different space limitations, bandwidth charges and terms.

Before hosting a website you need to have a domain registered. Once you register the domain you can host the website.

Most of people just want a web presence. According to your budget you can choose a hosting provide. There will charge monthly charge or yearly charge. You have to choose the plan according to your needs. Some will have just only 4 or 5 pages (..Like home, contact us, about us etc.)

Some of the website hosting providers

• GoDaddy.com
• 1and1.com
• smallbusiness.yahoo.com/webhosting/

Most of the providers provide you will free parking page (called Web site builder). If you want only one page, then you may not need a hosting provider. You can make use of Web site builder to build home page.

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