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What is Phone Scam ? Tips to Avoid Telemarketing Fraud

According to Federal Trade Commission(FTC), Telemarketing fraud is a crime. Telemarketing calls seems to be a growing occurrence. Some of the most phone scams are sweepstakes frauds , lottery frauds, loan fraud, buying club memberships, and credit card scams.

Fraudulent telemarketers will try to reach you in several ways. They say anything and target everyone to try to cheat people out of money. It’s hard find the the difference between reputable telemarketers and criminals who use the phone to rob people. Check out the FTC 3-min video on telemarketing scams and how to avoid them

Common Phone Scams

Buying Club Memberships
Charities & Fundraising Fraud
Credit & Loan Offers
Government Grant Scams
Identity Theft & Telemarketing
Medical Discount Plans
Reloading Scams
Sweepstakes & Lotteries
Travel Scams
Work-at-Home & Business Opportunities
Precious Metals and Gems scam
Fraudulent Magazine Subscription Sales
Fraudulent Charitable Donations
Investment Scams

Are you a victim of telemarketing fraud ?

If you are a victim or attempted victim of telemarketing fraud quickly contact the FTC or the law enforcement agencies about the fraudulent call.

Tips to Avoid Telemarketing Fraud

  • Verify and clarify.
  • If a company or charity is unfamiliar, check it out with your state or local consumer agency.
  • It’s illegal for telemarketers to ask for a fee upfront if they promise.
  • Use a credit card to purchase. Paying by credit card is safest because you can dispute the charges if you don’t get what you were promised.
  • Ask for a Web site where you can get more information.
  • Slow down if you’ve won a “free” vacation or anything says “Free”(nothing is FREE in this world, except FRAUD).
  • Don’t hesitate to hang up on suspicious calls.
  • Put your number on the national do-not-call registry to stop most telemarketing calls.
  • Report telemarketing fraud to the NFIC – fraud.org

Visit ftc Telemarketing fraud page and fraud.org
HREF=”http://www.fraud.org/telemarketing/teleinfo.htm”>Telemarketing fraud
for more information.

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