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What is Distributed Computing ?

Distributed Computing is a method of computer processing in which different parts of a program, or different portions of data, are processing simultaneously on two or more computers that are communicating with each other over a network or through the Internet.

The main goal of a distributed computing system is to connect users and resources in a transparent, open, and scalable way.

Distributed programming typically falls into one of several basic architectures or categories:

  • Client-server
  • 3-tier architecture
  • N-tier architecture
  • Distributed objects
  • loose coupling, or tight coupling

How Distributive Computing Works

Distributed computing works by splitting up the larger task into smaller chunks which can be performed at the same time independently of each other.

The two main entities in distributed computing are the server and the many clients. A central computer, the server, will generate work packages, which are passed onto worker clients. The clients will perform the task, detailed in the work package data, and when it has finished, the completed work package will be passed back to the server.

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