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Stanford Researchers Developed Remarkable Tool That ‘Sees’ Internal Body Details 1,000 Times Smaller

A team of Stanford University researchers, led by Dr Sanjiv Gambhir, professor of radiology and biochemistry at Stanford University Medical School has developed a new imaging tool that can take pictures of cells and molecules deep inside the body.


The new imaging technique that can illuminate tiny molecules deep inside the human body, which helps doctors view minuscule tumours, 1,000 times smaller than previously possible – a process that is potentially safer and more sensitive than current cancer screens.

“This is an entirely new way of imaging living subjects, not based on anything previously used,” said lead author Sanjiv Sam Gambhir.

Sanjiv and his team have used the ‘Raman Effect’ technique that has not been used so far in biological microscopic that enables doctors to visualize the cancers that are 1,000 times more detailed than previously possible.

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