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India’s Top 10 websites by Alexa ranking

alexalogo.gifHere is the list of top 10 websites in india. These rankings are based on Alexa rankings. Basically Alexa traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users and is a combined measure of page views and users reach.  Since the Alexa ranks sites are based on visits from users of its Alexa Toolbar for Internet Explorer and from integrated sidebars in Mozilla and Netscape it may not be the typical Internet behavior.

Here is the Top 10 List.

1. Yahoo.com
Personalized content and search options. Chatrooms, free e-mail, clubs, and pager.
(Google Page Rank 10/10)

2. Orkut.com
Social networking and discussion site operated by Google.
(Google Page Rank 10/10)

3. Google India (google.co.in )
Indian version of this popular search engine. Search the whole web or only webpages from India. Interfaces offered in English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi and Tamil.
(Google Page Rank 8/10)

4. Google (Google.com)
Enables users to search the Web, Usenet, and images. Features include PageRank, caching and translation of results, and an option to find similar pages. The company’s focus is developing search technology.
(Google Page Rank 10/10)

5. Rediff India Ltd.(Rediff.com )
Online portal with free e-mail and many other services.
(Google Page Rank 6/10 )

6. Microsoft Network (msn.com)
Dialup access and content provider.
(Google Page Rank 8/10)

7. YouTube (youtube.com )
YouTube is a way to get your videos to the people who matter to you. Upload, tag and share your videos worldwide!
(Google Page Rank 8/10 )

8. Blogger.com
Free, automated weblog publishing tool that sends updates to a site via FTP.
(Google Page Rank 9/10)

9. Windows Live (live.com )
Search engine from Microsoft.
(Google Page Rank 8/10)

10. Naukri.com
India’s No. 1 job site.
(Google Page Rank 7/10)

Alexa Internet, Inc. is a subsidiary company of Amazon.com

Google PageRank is a link analysis algorithm that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents in the website.  PageRank continues plays a central role in many of googles web search tools.

Source : Alexa Top Sites India, Google  PageRank from my IE browser.


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