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IBM scientists create “stochastic optimization model” to help manage natural disasters

IBM scientists have created specialized math algorithms to help model and manage natural disasters: wildfires, floods, diseases and more.

IBM’s “stochastic optimization model” was developed by IBM math scientists from IBM Research Labs in New York and India working with business experts from IBM’s Global Business Services and directly with clients to arm government bodies, relief agencies and companies with tools for strategic planning for more effective allocation of resources for natural disaster management and mitigation.

“Our researchers have worked on innovative optimization solutions designed to create a roadmap for a responsive disaster risk reduction,” says Dr. Daniel Dias, Director, IBM India Research Laboratory.

The same models can be explored to manage floods or famines in India, or natural disasters anywhere in the world. A fully developed, customized and implemented model can significantly help the country’s approach for disaster risk reduction and disaster management.

IBM announcement 

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