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India may lose chance to host 2010 Hockey World Cup

First blow -Indian Hockey is out of Olympics – first time in 80 years , second blow – International Hockey Federation (FIH) has warned India that it may lose the right to host the 2010 World Cup, if the Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) is unable to make progress in FIH-backed developmental projects.

The world body says India has not made satisfactory progress in developing the game.

“The FIH reconsidered the conditional awarding of the World Cup 2010 to New Delhi. After having carefully studied the progress made with the project ‘Promoting Indian Hockey‘ as well as the actions taken in the preparation of the World Cup 2010, the Executive Board noted that satisfactory progress had not been made in either area,” the FIH said in a statement.

The FIH executive board, which met in Lausanne, Switzerland recently , said it has already started looking for alternative venues in case the event needed to be shifted out of India.

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