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Yahoo Buzz is Now Available to General Public


Yahoo announced on Tuesday that its “Yahoo Buzz” story ratings service is now available to the general public. Only select publishers were allowed into the program prior to today.

According to Tapan Bhat, senior vice president of front doors, communities, and network services at Yahoo, “Any webmaster will now be able to add the “Buzz Up” button to their Web site. If a reader wants to Buzz an article that does not have the Buzz button attached, they can submit it directly on the Yahoo Buzz Web site.”

How it works, according to Yahoo Buzz website

  • First, we determine the most popular topics that people are searching for on Yahoo!.
  • Then, we showcase the most popular stories within those topics, based on activities like voting and emailing stories to friends.
  • Stories with most Buzz may be published on the Yahoo! home page – you can impact what millions will see on Yahoo!.

Check out Yahoo Buzz here

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