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Top Backup Software Programs

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If there is a hard drive fail, or impossible-to-remove virus, then you have to format the system. Not having backups is difficult tasks at times.

How to back up your important files can be difficult task. There are 2 kind of backups available today 1) Traditional backup programs 2) Online backup

  • Traditional backup programs help you organize, schedule, and maintain your backups, and their newest versions make doing so easier than ever.
  • Online backup is easy, secure, and safer than local backup (by virtue of being off-site, and being stored on drives that are themselves backed up regularly by your online service provider).

Here is the best Traditional and Online backup picked by pcworld magazine(not free of cost.. but you have free trial)

  • NovaStor NovaBackup 10 Professional
  • EMC Retrospect 7.6 Professional
  • NTI Backup 5 Advanced
  • Paragon Drive Backup 9.0 Personal
  • Titan Backup

[ pcworld – Save Your Data With One of These Top Backup Programs ]

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