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How to make Computer Startup Faster

ehow has a good tutorial on How to Get Your Computer to Boot Faster, which recommends to perform the following steps,

  1. By loading only the required software at system startup, you can cut your boot time significantly.
    Stop unwanted programs that start up automatically on Windows by configuring “msconfig” utility.
  2. Change the “Timeout” in “BOOT.INI” tab in MS Config to 3 seconds. (It is typically set to 30).
  3. Keep your anti virus software up to date, install an anti-spyware like Lavasoft’s Ad Aware (free for private use )
  4. At least once a month, clear browser Internet temp files, empty your recycle bin and perform a disc defragmentation
  5. Set up your computer to go into standby mode automatically after a certain amount of time. (Do this in your control panel setting)
  6. Establish hibernation mode , better choice for an overnight shut down.

[ How to Get Your Computer to Boot Faster ]

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