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How do I get new Product Key From Microsoft ?

Can I get replacement product key from Microsoft? Microsoft product key is a unique key with 25 characters, which is used to unlock or open the Microsoft product at the time of software installation. You have to enter this key when you are prompted during the installation.

If you ever want to reinstall the product you need the product key. If you bought your computer from a computer store, your Windows OS (or other software) will be pre- installed and you can find the Windows product key on the sticker of your computer. If you bought the software separately then you can find the product key (normally sticker) on the back of the CD case or the DVD case of your software.


If you ever lost your Microsoft product key, you may want to obtain a replacement product key. You can contact Microsoft Customer Service to get Microsoft product key replacement. You may be assessed a fee for the replacement of original product key. Keep your product CD or DVD along with you when you call customer service, as they will ask for some information from it.

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