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Google Lively – 3D virtual experience

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Google has launched a new 3D world platform designed to be safe for teenagers to use. The Lively platform allows users to design and operate small 3D rooms which can be embedded into blogs and websites.

Google promised that Lively will not allow explicit content. The service is open to users as young as 13 and has strict controls on issues such as bullying and harassment.

Lively feels more like a Google Talk-powered chat room with 3-D camera controls than an immersive environment like Second Life. Google is competing against Second Life with Lively.

One key difference between Lively and Second Life is that Lively users won’t be restricted to one specific Web site like Second Life. After installing a small packet of software from lively.com, a user can enter Lively from other Web sites, like social networking sites and blogs.

Visit http://www.lively.com/ here

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