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Attachments Forget – Outlook Forgotten Attachment Detector

Have you forget to add outlook e-mail attachments before sending ? Do you want a reminder to add attachment to your email message ? This happens many a times that you have typed a lengthy e-mail but forget to attach the important attachment. You would realize once you hit the send button without attaching that file. Microsoft Office Labs forgotten attachment detector will help you avoid the risk of a forgotten email attachment, saving you time.

Forgotten Attachment Detector is an add-on for the Outlook 2007 e-mail client. When you send an email Forgotten Attachment Detector checks it for keywords that indicate you’ve forgotten to attach an attachment. If it detects this, it notifies you and gives you a chance to correct any mistakes.


Forgotten Attachment Detector is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Outlook 2007. It uses a small set of customizable keywords to do its detection. If it detects that you may have forgotten to “attach an attachment” it pops up a dialog that lets you fix your mistake before the mail goes out.

Checkout Forgotten Attachment Detector @ http://www.officelabs.com

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