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What is Hollywood Stock Exchange

stock-exchange.jpgWhen comes to investing people think about stocks, mutual fund, real estate. When comes to celebrity and movies people think about Hollywood and celebrity gossips. If you’re one of them maybe the Hollywood Stock Exchange is for you.

What is Hollywood Stock Exchange® ?

HSX is just like the real stock market, only way more fun!

Buy shares of your favorite actors and their new movies. Watch their values rise or fall based on their success. Prices soar with a blockbuster opening at the box office and plummet with a bomb no one went to see.

How to be a player ?

1. Join for free and get two million Hollywood Dollars®.
2. Buy and sell shares in your favorite movie and celebrity stocks with your H$.
3. Build up your portfolio and get cool stuff.

What you can do?
As of this writing you can buy /sell shares of

Harry Potter H$124.95
Angelina Jolie H$88.53
Tom Cruise H$124.23

67 71




It’s virtual currency and you’re not going to make money but it might be fun for you .

Tempting? Visit HSX.com

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  • Jack July 18, 2007, 6:31 pm

    Good info dude…

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