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Sixth Pay Commission Report – Highlights and Full Report


The Sixth Central Pay Commission submitted its Report to the Goverment on 24th March, 2008.
The commission, headed by Justice B N srikrishna, submitted its report to finance Minister P Chidambaram. The 18-month tenure of the Commission was till April 4, 2008.

Here is the Highlights of the Sixth Pay Commission

  • Revised pay to be effective from Jan 1, 2006.
  • Minimum salary at entry level PB-1 to be Rs 6,600 per month, and a maximum of Rs 80,000 per month.
  • Total number of grades reduced to 20 against the prevailing 35.
  • Substantial increase in allowances like education and HRA; a new medical insurance scheme recommended.
  • Performance linked incentive scheme to be introduced.
  • Annual increments to be paid in form of two and half percent of the total of pay in the Pay Band and the corresponding grade pay. The date of annual increments, in all cases, to be first of July. Employees completing six months and above in the scale as on July 1 to be eligible.
  • Four distinct running pay bands being recommended , one running band each for all categories of employees in groups ‘B’ and ‘C’ with 2 running pay bands for Group A posts.
  • 5 day work week to continue; offices to be closed only on 3 national holidays; all other gazetted holidays to be abolished and adjusted in restricted holidays.
  • Cabinet secretary and secretaries to be kept in distinct pay scales at Rs 90,000 and Rs 80,000 a month, respectively.
  • Defence forces to be treated at par with civilians for running pay bands and grades; in addition Rs 6,000 per month for officers up till brigadier or equivalent rank.

Highlights of the Sixth Pay Commission(in pdf)

Click here for full report Download at india.gov.in

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  • kiran April 1, 2008, 2:55 am

    please clarify me that my scale was of 5000 and basic on December 2005 was 6200 and in January 2007 next ACP was granted in the pay scale of 5500. if my pay scale on 1st Jan 2006 was 8700-34800 then what is my next pay scale after granting ACP on 1st January 2007?

  • kamdegd August 23, 2008, 10:51 am

    my basic salary as on 1.1.2006 was 7500-205-1200. As i joined on oct-2005 got first increment on 1.10.2006. and no increments in on Oct- 2007 and oct-2008 due to non completion of probation. what will my next pay scale on 1.9.2008 if state govt accepts 6th Pay Commission as it is reccommended by central govt.

  • Cool Guy August 26, 2008, 10:41 pm

    You waste fellow

  • dr ashvin parmar September 14, 2008, 6:26 am

    my basic pay is 12275 and joining date of job is 10th july 2001.i am a class 1 doctor and i am getting non practice allowance is 25% of basic pay. what will be my new salary.iam living in city of population of 4 lacks.

  • Rakesh Kumar November 24, 2008, 5:54 am

    please clarify me that my scale was of 5200 and basic on December 2006 in January 2002 next ACP was granted in the pay scale of 5000-150-8000. if my pay scale on 1st Jan 2006 was 4860-20200 then what is my next pay scale after granting ACP on 1st January 2002?

  • Naveen gautam May 5, 2009, 9:50 pm

    Tell me about the indian foriegn service officer pay scale according to sixth pay commission and various allowance and facilities provided to him

  • mohanan May 22, 2009, 11:02 am

    where will i get the 6th pay commssion 2009 complete report by fast track committee setup by the central govt?

  • Dr.M. P. Wadekar November 29, 2010, 12:51 am

    I have joined as assistant professor in chemistry in Govt Engineering College, Amravati, Maharastra on 4th Sept 2010 . My order was in 5th pay & probation of 2 years is given but from the 1st date of joining I am withdrowing salary by 6thj pay.
    So how many years would be my probation 2 years or 1 year?

  • dr lc yadav August 4, 2012, 7:52 am

    i am a docter in up pms my joining date was 14/09/2006 in L-1 . now on date 15/06/2012 i am in L-2 .my basicpay in L-1 18950 &Grade pay 5400 .in L-2 my grade pay become 6600.&one annual increment meet in july also .so i want toknow when i go from L-1 to L-2 any other permotion increment meet me on the date on 15/06/2012

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