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India’s Viswanathan Anand regains World Chess Champion title after 7 years


At Mexico City India’s Viswanathan Anand almost laid his hands on the World Chess Championship title after settling for a draw with Grandmaster Alexander Grischuk of Russia in the 13th and penultimate round.
Anand won the world junior title in 1989 and became India’s first Grand Master at the age of 16.



The 37-year-old world number one finished with nine points in the 14-round event to edge Russian defending champion Vladimir Kramnik by one point

“Today I was caressing the defeat but I got rid off it”. That’s how Anand resumed the rough battle he had to face with Alexander Grischuk, who was really very near to beat the ‘number one’ in the 13th round, the tournament Web site chessmexico.com reported.
Grischuk was well on top after winning a pawn with white pieces but the Anand hung in.Grischuk went awry with his plans after the first time control and Anand was very much back in the game by move 50. By the 58th move there was no doubt regarding the outcome of the game but peace was finally signed after 73 moves.
thePicky.com wishes Mr. Anand for regaining Chess Champion title after 7 years
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