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Cartosat-2A : India to launch military satellite


India has built an advanced remote sensing satellite with military and other applications .

Likely the launch will be in mid of October 2007 .This satellite will equipied with a onboard indian grown rocket, with an Israeli spacecraft as its co-passenger.

The military-specific reconnaissance satellite CARTOSAT-2A will be launched on a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle by the Indian Space Research Organisation.

CARTOSAT-2A will be an advanced remote sensing satellite with a single panchromatic camera capable of providing scene specific spot imageries for cartographic applications. The satellite will have high agility with capability to steer along and across the track up to +45 degrees. It will be placed in a sun-synchronous polar orbit at an altitude of 630 km. It will have a revisit period of 4 days, which can be improved to one day with suitable orbit manoeuvres. The panchromatic camera is designed to provide better than 1 m spatial resolution imageries with a swath of 10 km.

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