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Beijing Olympic Flame began the “Journey of Harmony”


( Image : High Priestess Maria Nafpliotou lights a flame pot.  Photo credit: torchrelay.beijing2008.cn)

The Beijing Olympic Flame began the “Journey of Harmony“, a 130-day, 85,128-mile (approx 137,000 kilometres) journey on March 24 2008, from the site of ancient Olympia in Greece to Beijing (China) where the 2008 summer games will begin in August 8 2008.

In the Torch Lighting Ceremony that began at 11:00 a.m. (GMT +2), in Olympia, Greece, the High Priestess Maria Nafpliotou successfully lit the sacred flame in a traditional ritual, using only the rays of the sun and a parabolic mirror.

  • Olympic Torch Relay would be the largest relay in the history of the Olympic Games.
  • Olympic Torch Relay will travell to all 5 continents represented by the Olympic Rings.
  • Olympic Torch Relay will cover approximately 137,000 kilometres (85,128 miles) over a span of 130 days.
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