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Al Gore and U.N. Panel Win Nobel Peace Prize for Climate Work

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded today to Al Gore, the former US vice president, and to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for its work to alert the world to the threat of global warming.

In New Delhi, Dr Rajendra K. Pachauri, an Indian born scientist who leads the United Nations Intergovernmental panel shares the Noble Prize for peace with Al Gore , said the award was “not something I would have thought of in my wildest dreams.” reported New York Times.

Global Warming : What does this mean ?

Global Warming : Want to do something to help stop ?

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  • R.K.Dutta May 30, 2008, 2:54 am

    30th May, 2008

    AL-GORE (Nobel Lauret),
    Past Vice President U.S.,
    Through U.S.Embassy,
    New Delhi.

    Sub: Global Warming and ways to prevent the Global warming.

    Dear Vice President Sir,

    At the onset my I congratulate you first for being awarded the Nobel Prize (Belated Congratulation) for making such great presentations and making films about global warming and providing suggestions of ways to address the same.

    Fist I am one of those human beings who has understand the dangers arising out of global warming and its consequences on life including that of Human beings. Secondly I am a 65 years old mechanical engineer who runs a small scale industry at Bokaro Steel City in the state of Jharkhand in India. Along with my business this year I am also the Chairman of the Environmental Committee of the Rotary Club of Bokaro Steel City and have requested to be holding that position for the next 5 years. I have been given the responsibility of spreading the message and convincing people to do their bit at their level towards reducing their contribution
    towards increasing this dread and also assist in their own way the level of warming and also make all of them understand that if this reversal is not done then they may as well see the last of life on earth as they know it and bequeath to their children a home that will be violently fluctuating and many at times seem completely in hospitable. We require your assistance in our effort to success. The presentation made by you titled “The Inconvenient Truth”
    (which was shown by HBO channel on 12th of May in India) is not only very convincing but dramatic enough to give a wake up call to most of the people who see it (we want to maximize the exposition). The assistance can be in all these forms:

    i) Provide/send us CD or slides of the presentation made by you.
    ii) The books on the subject written by you.
    iii) Posters on the matter.
    iv) Articals written on this which you feel will have the necessary effect .
    v) Suggest us other ways which you know or feel will be effective.

    This will allow us to make presentation in all the 75 high schools and colleges at Bokaro Steel City and also in the nearby towns i.e. Ranchi, Dhanabad etc. i.e. totally exposing about half a million impressionable mind who can act as a resource person to convince 5 to 10 times their number in the next two years.

    These informations will also allow us prepare and effectively design booklet which is to be distributed to the schools/colleges going children in this state.

    : 2 :

    We have all the intention of mobilizing the resources and finances (in the next 12 months) to be able to provide books and booklets conduct talks and exposure programme to the people whom it matters the most i.e. younger general in this city. The recipient of our trade will be about 250 thousand schools & colleges going children. This is expected to be an ongoing process and will be spread to other cities in Jharkhand. However, the real success of our effort will be when this percolates down to the Grass Root Rural Level.

    We also want to mobilize the services of the local TV channels and news papers who will assist us in the dissemination of this message and the knowledge which is so very important for all the habitants of this planet. We may even request help from periodicals and glossies.

    The second objective in this tirade is to tell them what they could do to help collectively and individually (all according to their capacity ) to reduce the global warming.

    The third and the ongoing objective is to this effort is to monitor the changes that have been brought about due to this effort.

    So again at the end of this letter (as the cost of sounding representative) request you for your assistance both technical and other wise if possible.

    May we request you to kindly acknowledge the receipt of this letter of request.

    We look forward to your earliest action on the matter.

    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,

    ( R.K.DUTTA )
    124, Cooperative Colony,
    Bokaro Steel City-827001
    Mbl 09334210381

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