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Academy Awards – The Oscar Statuette Secrets

Do you know during World War II, when metals and other materials were scarce, the Oscars were made of plaster.

Here are more inside about Oscar statuettes

Trophies are around 8.5 pounds of metal.

Oscar is 13.5 inches (34 centimeters) tall.

Oscars statuettes are molded, polished and buffed by workers at R.S. Owens & Company

The Oscar statuettes, officially dubbed the Academy Award of Merit, have a 24-karat gold plating on their surface.

Beneath the gold, the statuette’s interior is a metal mixture called Britannium, also called Britannia metal. It is an alloy of tin (93 percent), antimony (5 percent), and copper (2 percent). It’s known for its smooth texture and silvery appearance.

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