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  • The Wisdom of Professional Management. That’s right, this is not an advantage. The average mutual fund manager is no better at picking stocks than the average nonprofessional, but charges fees as though she is.
  • No Control. Unlike picking your own individual stocks, a mutual fund puts you in the passenger seat of somebody else’s car.
“Googol” is the mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100 zeros. The term was coined by Milton Sirotta, nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner, and was popularized in the book, “Mathematics and the Imagination” by Kasner and James Newman. Google’s as it’s name implies term reflects the company’s mission to organize the immense amount of information available on the web.
Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin had originally thought of the word Googol itself for the name of their company but later settled on the current name when an investor misspelled it “Google” on the check.

The New7Wonders organization announced that the following 7 candidates have been elected to represent global heritage throughout history.
The new Seven Wonders in full are:

Chichén Itzá, Mexico
Christ Redeemer, Brazil
The Great Wall, China
Machu Picchu, Peru
Petra, Jordan
The Roman Colloseum, Italy
The Taj Mahal, India

The winners, based on an online poll by New 7 Wonders of the World, were announced during a ceremony in Lisbon, attended by American actress Hilary Swank, pop star Jennifer Lopez and tenor Jose Carreras.

List of Seven Ancient Wonders that was created 2,300 years ago are :

• Lighthouse of Alexandria

• Temple of Artemis
• Statue of Zeus
• Colossus of Rhodes
• Hanging Gardens of Babylon
• Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
• Pyramids of Egypt

Suggestions for seven new Wonders of the World have flooded in following one of the biggest global polls ever conducted.

The results will be announced on July 07 2007 at Benfica’s Stadium of Light in Portugal.

More than 90 million people have voted so far.

Europe’s leading contenders are the Acropolis in Athens, Rome’s Colisseum and the Eiffel Tower.