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Speed Up Windows Boot Time – How To

You can speed up your Microsoft windows by stopping unnecessary programs and services from running. You don’t want yahoo messenger, media player or Google Toolbar Notifier to start at the computer startup

Try to make programs that run at start-up as minimal. Here are 2 steps to disable such programs which will speed up your windows boot time significantly.

Clean your Startup folder
Go to C:\Documents and Settings\username\Start Menu\Programs\Startup and delete the shortcut of the program which you don’t want it at boot time (you’re deleting only the shortcut, not the program itself.)
You can do so at by clicking Start > Programs > Startup, then right-clicking and delete the items you want to remove.

Disable hidden programs using System Configuration Utility
System Configuration Utility (msconfig.exe) is the very best tool to disable hidden programs that run on start-up.

  • Click Start.
  • Click Run.
  • Type msconfig.
  • Click OK.
  • “System Configuration Utility” window opens
  • Click “Startup” tab
  • Unckeck the applications which you don’t want and click ok.
  • Changes will take effect when you restart you computer.



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