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Why Should I Buy a Tablet PC ?

What do you get out of Tablet PC compared to a Laptop computer or a smartphone? If you’re in market, here are few reasons why you should consider buying a tablet

  • Cheaper – Tablets are cheaper than a laptop.
  • Touch Screen – Touch Screen functionality will make your life easier for light tasks.
  • Boot Time – Virtually no boot time on a tablet, it will turn on instantaneously.
  • Comfortable – Because of its thin size (and weight), tablet is more comfortable to keep in hand.
  • Portable – Tablets are good for travel, it is your best option.
  • e-book reader – Tablets are more versatile than traditional e-book readers.
  • Sharing – It is a good tool for photos and presentations, easier than on a computer.
  • Productivity – With a wireless keyboard the tablet is a POWERFUL computing device.
  • Entertainment – Tablets are great for movies and music. You can watch movies literally anywhere.
  • Battery Life – Batter life is longer than the notebook computers.
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