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Why I Like Priceline’s Name Your Own Price

Recently I used priceline’s name your own price online hotel booking service to book a hotel in Atlanta. I had a priceline bonus cash rewards of $10 per night. Initially I quoted $30 dollars for a 3-Star Upscale hotel in Buckhead Atlanta, My price of was not accepted. Second time I quoted $45, my price was accepted and I got Buckhead Hotel Atlanta. So, ultimately I had to pay $35 per night (45- 10 cash rewards = $35 ) for a 3-Star Upscale hotel in Buckhead Atlanta.


Buckhead Atlanta Hotel is the heart of Atlanta’s Buckhead business and shopping district. We liked the hotel stay and it was an excellent trip. Hotel is neat and clean and staff was very welcoming.

My friend got 3-Star Upscale hotel in Chicago for the price of 30$ pernight using priceline’s name your own price ( July4th weekeend) . How cool …

Ultimately, priceline’s name your own price is an excelent service, which I would happiely recommend to others.

How priceline name your own price works

When you use this online service you will not be provided with a list of hotel options. If they accept your offer, they’ll immediately charge the credit card you provide to them and your request can not be changed, cancelled, or transferred and refunds are not allowed..

If we they’d accept your offer, your credit card will not be charged. that’s simple.

Have you had similar experience with priceline ? Post your commnets below…

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