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Why Google Instant Not Working, How to Fix it ?

Google Instant gives searcher all the benefits of autocomplete in search results, this feature will show you results as soon as you begins to type in google search. Are you having any problem using Google Instant on your browser or in your country/domain ? here is why


Google Instant Search Not Working? Then Do This

Reasons why you are having issues with this new Google Instant are,

  • Google instant will only work from Google homepage or a search results page — That’s is from www.google.com main page.
  • Google instant won’t work if you search from iGoogle page rather than Google homepage — so try searching from www.google.com
  • Google instant is not supported in all the google domains, that is you are using a Google domain that does not yet support Google Instant (currently available in US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia ). Google instant will work from www.google.com NOT from www.google.in , as india is not supported yet.
  • Make sure that you have not previously disabled Google autocomplete or disabled Google Instant.
  • Google Instant will work only in the following browsers
    • Google Chrome 5 and later versions
    • Firefox 3 and later versions
    • Safari 5 for Mac and later versions
    • IE 8

If nothing above works, you may also try clearing your browser’s cache and deleting your cookies.

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