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Which is the Reliable Web Hosting Provider ?

Looking for Reliable Hosting Company. Netcraft measures and makes available the response times of fifty leading hosting providers’ sites and has provided the list of most reliable hosting company.

DataPipe and Server Intellect had the most reliable hosting company sites in August 2009 according to report. This is the 4th appearance in the top ten for DataPipe in the last 5 months.

Server Intellect has reached the number one position for the first time this year. This month sees four company sites using Linux, two using FreeBSD and one using Windows Server 2008.

Here is the Most Reliable Hosting Company

1. DataPipe
2. Server Intellect
3. Swishmail
4. New York Internet
5. INetU
6. www.memset.com
7. www.seeweb.it
8. Virtual Internet
9. iWeb Technologies
10. ReliableServers.com

How Reliable Hosting is measured ? The performance measurements are made at fifteen minute intervals from separate points around the internet, and averages are calculated over the immediately preceding 24 hour period.

Netcraft is an Internet services company which provides web server and web hosting market-share analysis, including web server and operating system detection.

Checkout netcraft measurement process and current measurements

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  • anngarson September 4, 2009, 4:00 am

    Thanks for suggest this sites in your post.
    In now days,its important to know how much reliable our service provider.
    This post may be aware people from this topic and will helpful them for find best web hosting sites for them.

  • tmb September 23, 2009, 11:16 am

    Ann that is a Netcraft list. They pretty much are the authority on who’s networks is running properly. I know from that list that Server Intellect is a great host. I have a few sites currently hosted with them and no issues or problem. That list is pretty accurate and you can see the updates each month at Netcraft.

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