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Where to move GeoCities Website Files

Yahoo announced earlier this year that are closing it’s once famous Geocities service on october 26, 2009. New GeoCities accounts are no longer available. You might want to download all your geocities published pages and images to your computer and then move to other hostin gprovider.

Although GeoCities is closing, you have options to move your files to anyother free service provider.
Here is the list of free services suggested by Yahoo

  • Tripod
  • Webs.com
  • Weebly
  • WebStarts.com
  • SynthaSite
  • Wikispaces

Also, you can make your website as a blog, Check out the details below.

After October 26 2009, your GeoCities files will be deleted from their servers, and will not be recoverable. Here are some options to keep your GeoCities site files and images alive in the web.

Option 1: Move your GeoCities files automatically to Yahoo Hosting

If you’d like to keep your web site, Yahoo allows you to move your files automatically to Yahoo! Web Hosting (not free, monthly fee applies). To use this feature, please visit GeoCities Control Panel before October 26, 2009, and click the upgrade to Web Hosting link near the top of your Home tab.

Option 2: Download and re-create your GeoCities site

Download your files to your computer and re-create your site with any hosting provider. You can save your pages and images by right-clicking on every page and choose Save Page As.

Option 3: Make your geocities website as a blog

Convert your geocities website to a blog.

First, create a free blog account(here is the list of best free blogs) and copy the contents of your geocities page and past it into blog post. Evey geocities page will become a new blog post. Remember you have to upload your geocities images. DON’T just copy the image and paste it into the blog post.

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  • umb_econ July 29, 2009, 6:55 pm

    “Also, you can make your website as a blog, Here is how.”

    That just isn’t true, is it? You don’t know how, do you?

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