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What’s the Motorola Router username and password?

What’s the Motorola SBG6580 default username and password?


1. Open a web browser on the computer connected to your SBG6580.
2. Type in the address bar, and press Enter.
3. Type the default user name: admin
4. Type the default password: motorola
5. Click Login to open the Motorola Web Manager

It is highly recommended to change your default password, so that outsiders can’t reach the management interface using routers default password.

How to change your default router password


1. Click Security from the left menu
2. Select “Change Password” from the drop down (see image)
3. Enter ‘Admin’ in the Username field
3. Enter ‘motorola’ in the Current Password field
4. Type in your new password in the New Password field (Use a password that is hard to guess).
5. Re-enter your new password.
6. Click Apply.

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