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What’s the difference between Single, Dual or Quad-Core Processors?

What’s the difference between Core Processors ?

Processor is the term used to describe a logical execution unit or a physical chip. The “core” in a processor is the microprocessor inside of the CPU. Basically, a microprocessor can only do one thing at a time.

Single core processor uses only one core. A Dual-core processor will use two CPUs to service your requests, instead of just one. Both the cores will be on the same chip and share the same memory. That is, two microprocessors in one chip. This allows the system to do two things at once.

Following are the different type of core processors

  • Single core processor – will contain one core
  • Dual-core processor – will contain two cores
  • Quad-core processor – will contain four cores
  • Hexa-core processor – will contain six cores
  • Octa-core processor – will contain eight cores
  • Multi-core processor – will contain more than two cores

The main difference between a single, dual or a quad-core processor is the number of cores available in each processor.

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