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What opting out of Google’s interest based ads doesn’t do?

Few quick steps help user to opt out of Google’s interest based ads. However, there are some things which opting out doesn’t do.

1. Stop ads completely

Ads are essential for funding of the websites. It is one of the most effective ways of monetizing. After opting out you will still see the ads. However, they will be less relevant. They will be based on content of the web page, your recent searches and general location.

2. Opt out across multiple browser and devices

Opting out is specific for the browser and the device. Hence opting out has to be done separately for each browser and device. So if you have 2 devices and you use 3 browsers on each of them, you have to opt out 2×3 = 6 times!

3. Stop ads by companies other than Google

Pretty natural, isn’t it? Companies which are not part of Google’s Display Network can still display interest based ads. Find a cross-industry opt out tool which works for your browser like http://www.aboutads.info/  and http://www.youronlinechoices.com/uk/your-ad-choices

4. Keep you opted out after clearing cookies and cache

If you clear your browser cookies and cache after opting out, you lose your settings as browser won’t remember your choices. So you have to opt out again or install extension like Protect My Choices http://www.aboutads.info/PMC.

5. Keep you opted out in services where cookies are not available

In the services where cookies are not available; like mobile applications; Google uses an anonymous identifier. Method for opting out is different for different devices in this case.

For iOS:

Devices with iOS 6 and above use Apple’s Advertising Identifier. To learn more about limiting ad tracking using this identifier, visit the ‘Settings’ menu on your device.


For Android:

Open Google Setting. Select ‘Ads’ and ‘Opt-out’.



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