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What is the Netbook?

A netbook is a type of laptop computer designed primarily for web browsing. Netbooks may look like laptops, but they don’t have the full capabilities of a laptop computer. So, what is a netbook for ? It’s just made for internet browsing. netbooks rely on the Internet for remote internet access(like Wi-Fi). With netbook you can be in-touch with your friends via email, IM and Social Networking sites, primarily you can do anything in internet.

The word netbook is a blend of the words Internet and notebook.

Internet and notebook = netbook


Pic: HP – Mini Netbook Computer

They don’t have optical drive( CD and DVD drive) and most Netbooks don’t include Bluetooth. New models are compatible with optional external recordable DVD and CD drives.

Since it is under-powered, Netbooks typically run Windows XP Home edition or Linux operating systems. They do not run on more resource-intensive operating systems like XP Professional, Vista, or OS X. netbooks support Wi-Fi wireless networking and can be used on mobile telephone networks with data capability.

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  • monster rake September 4, 2009, 8:31 am

    Fairly decent laptops are becomming so cheap now i like to replace them every few years and just buy something in the mid range to budget area.

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