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What is Social media micro-influencers ?

What is ‘micro-influencers’ ?

A social media micro influencer is defined as a person who has about 10,000 or more followers on their accounts social media account like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. That is, a person who have a niche audience engagement in their category.

Example :
A micro-influencer could be a mother in north east who regularly posts/blogs about sweater on social media. These micro-influencers are experts in their interests. The most well known type of influencer category is celebrities. Micro-influencer marketing is gaining traction in the age of social media promotion.

Advantage sof Micro-influencer marketing

Here are some reasons why Micro-influencer marketing is important

  • Target niche audience
  • Higher Engagement
  • ROI – Higher conversion rates
  • Increased Brand Recognition and loyalty

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