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What is Open Group(OSF – X/Open) ?

The Open Group is a vendor-neutral and technology-neutral consortium that promotes, develops, and licenses open standards software, especially Unix. It was formed when X/Open merged with the Open Software Foundation (OSF). The Open Group is the owner of the UNIX trademark and manages the UNIX trademark licensing program. The Open Group’s best-known service are their certification programs.

Open Group members include a range of IT buyers and vendors as well as government agencies. Open Group works with customers, suppliers, consortia and other standard bodies to set vendor- and technology-neutral open standards for computing infrastructure.

Open Group Certification Programs

The Open Group’s best-known service are their certification programs, including certification

  • IT Architect Certification
  • IT Specialist Certification
  • COE Platform
  • CORBA Certification
  • LDAP Certified
  • NASPL Certification
  • POSIX Certification
  • SIF Certification
  • S/MIME Secure Messaging
  • TOGAF Certification
  • UNIX Certification
  • WAP Certification

Open Group Member Forums

The Open Group provides a platform for its members to discuss their requirements, Based on their area of interest, members can join one or more Open Group Forums which includes,

  • Architecture Forum
  • Enterprise Management Forum
  • Grid Enterprise Services Forum
  • Identity Management Forum
  • Jericho Forum
  • Messaging Forum
  • Platform Forum
  • Real Time and Embedded Systems Forum
  • Security Forum
  • Universal Data Element Framework Forum
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