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What is Omnibox ?

Omnibox is a prominent feature of Google’s Chrome Browser. Omnibox is Chrome’s combined search and address bar feature, which allows you to use the address bar as a search bar

Type a search term in the address box (Omnibox) and press enter to see results from your default search engine.

List of some of the cool features of Omnibox

Web Search – Type your search keyword and hit enter chrome will automatically take you to your default search engine.

Site searches with the Omnibox – Start typing “youtube” in the address bar, after you enter few letters chrome address bar will offer you the option to search the site.

Now, upon hitting the TAB key will convert the address bar into a search box for youtube. Type the keyword which you would want to search in “youtube” site, this will automatically bring you the search results page on youtube. This feature is called Site searches with the Omnibox

Web History – If you want to search within your web history, just type the word , Omnibox will bring your recent url which maches your keyword.

Bookmarks – If you are looking something from your Bookmarks, just type the word, Omnibox will bring you the bookmarks which maches your keyword.

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