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What is Instagram and how does it work ?

Instagram is a photo sharing mobile app that lets you to snap a photo/video and share it online easily. Basically Instagram will allow you to capture the moments and share it  as they happen, either publicly or privately.

Other Instagram users can subscribe and follow your photos, they can like or comment the a photo or video. Instagram is owned by Facebook.


Instagram app is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Windows 10, Android smartphones and tablets.. You can download Instagram app via Apple App Store and Google Play.

Features of Instagram

Heer are the features of Instagram

  • Share multiple photos and videos
  • Edit and transform photos using filters
  • Use in-build creative tool to combine multiple clips into one video
  • You can share your photos on Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Like twitter, you can tag a photo using hashtags – example #disneyland
  • You can watch live photos and videos from your followers at the top of your feed.

Who can view my photos ?

Instagram users can subscribe and follow your photos, they can like or comment the a photo or video. If your profile is public, anyone can subscribe and follow your photos. All photos you post are public by default, which means all the photos you post are visible to anyone using Instagram app or at instagram.com. But, if you choose to make your account private, then you have to approve the follow requests before they can subscribe your post and they will be able to see your photos.

Instagram – Edit & filter a photo



Share an Instagram photo or video

While you share a photo or video on Instagram, you can also share it to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter etc


How to sign-up and download Instagram app?

You can sign-up Instagram via website www.instagram.com or through app. But you have to download the app on your smartphone or tablet to share your photo or video.


for more information visit  http://www.instagram.com

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