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What is Google’s Brillo Operating System ?

Project Brillo is codename for Google’s new operating system to support Internet of Things (IoT). Google is working towards achieving IoT by targeting three aspects which are Operating System, communication layer and user experience.


In IoT, the devices could be low-power and memory constrained and can be anything like ovens, refrigerators, door lock etc.


Kernel of Brillo is derived from Android specially developed for IoT. It is meant to work with minimum hardware.

Hardware Access Layer

This layer provides interface with underlying hardware.


Connectivity with other devices can be through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Low Energy.

Device Administration

Hardware vendors can centrally manage all the devices. The OS can be updated, errors can be reported and various analytics can be found centrally.

Weave – Communication Protocol

Brillo devices use a communication protocol called Weave to communicate with each other and they can be controlled by Android powered devices.

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