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What is Google Weave ?

Brillo is the Google’s operating system to support Internet of Things (IoT) and Brillo OS devices work along with a communication layer called Weave.

Basically Google Weave lets Brillo, phones and the cloud talk to one another — Internet of Things (IoT) protocol for everything.

Communication schema

In IoT, when the devices are supposed to communicate with each other, they should follow a common schema for information exchange e.g. device.temperature property communicates temperature of the device to rest of the devices in the IoT ecosystem. Weave provides this schema. Similar predefined schemas would be available in Weave. Even developers can submit custom schemas. They would be Weave certified by Google.

Cross-platform availability

As per Google’s announcement, weave supports cross platform development which means any device other than Android can implement this communication schema using its developer and voice API. This would help users to use smartphone of their choice along with a Brillo device ecosystem.

Visit https://developers.google.com/brillo/ for more information.

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