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What is Google Update (GoogleUpdate.exe)?

Google Update (GoogleUpdate.exe) is a autoupdate software program used by Google Chrome, Google Earth and other Google software to keep the respective software versions up to date on users computers. This feature helps rapidly updated if security flaws are discovered.

So, in general Google products have the ability to update themselves to the latest version and features without end-user intervention. This ability is called “autoupdating.” GoogleUpdate communicates with Google servers to get the latest updates.

Google Update uses the Windows Task Scheduler to run at periodic intervals. But when Google Update determines that the Windows Task Scheduler is not working as expected, then Google Update will begin running as a continuous process to ensure that the Google software is receiving updates.

You cannot remove only GoogleUpdate from your computer, even if you remove your Google programs many no longer function properly, you may see GoogleUpdate return automatically.

Omaha (also known as Google Update) is an open-source project, If you would like to see the source, you can do so here.

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