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What is Google express ‘small-order service’ fee?


Google express will charge members ‘small-order service’ of $3 if you don’t meet store minimum. If you are member and meet the store minimums, you get free delivery.

Basically, if the order total before tax is below the store set minimum amount, then you will be changed a minimum order delivery fee of $3. To avoid this fee, fulfill the minimum amount set for the store.  If you are not member delivery starts at $4.99 per store ( Google Express membership will cost you $95/year )


Note: This requirement is for per store : – for example if you order 2 items from two different store, then you have to fulfill both the stores minimum requirement.


How to the Google Express Store Minimum?

Mostly store minimum are $15. ( But it could vary depending on the store ). Here is how to find store minimum and avoid small-order service fee.

  • Signin to Google Express
  • Pick the store you want to shop from
  • Check the banner at the top of the page to see the store’s minimum

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