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What is cost of advertising on Facebook ?

There are huge number of ads on Facebook. Which ad is shown to users is decided by an auction. Facebook ads fit any budget and do not cost beyond the set budget. Let’s get more insights about other costing of Facebook ads.

Budget and schedule

Budget is the total amount to be spent on the ad. Schedule decides utilization of the budget and is defined as the duration in number of days when the ad flashes on Facebook. It can start from the day when the advert is created or from any suitable start date.


Budget can be set on daily basis or for the lifetime of the advert. In any case, the minimum required amount to be spent every day is $1. This can be set as daily limit or the last date of the life time budget is adjusted to make it a dollar a day. The amount specified is the bidding. More you spend, you reach more audience.

Pricing options

The ad is optimized to meet our objective for Page Likes or for Clicks i.e. impressions using Optimized For. The Pricing can be chosen as automatic or manual. In automatic bidding, bid price is calculated based on the budget and schedule and is targeted to meet the objective. In manual bid, maximum bid price can be set by the user per click or per 1000 impressions. The manual bid may not serve the objective.

Scheduling options

The ad can be set to run all the time or for the specific hours of specific days with Ad Scheduling. However, this option is available only for life time budgets.

Delivery Type can be standard i.e. it is shown throughout the day; a recommended and preferred way. Accelerated delivery is used for time sensitive events to reach targeted audience quickly. However, this type of delivery is available only if manual bid amount is set.

When the ad stops getting displayed?

As the ad is shown on Facebook, the budget is utilized. When the budget reaches a threshold level or when the schedule reaches the threshold number of days, the ad stops getting displayed.

Can I control my ads?

With the available tools, one can be in full controls of the ads. An ad can be stopped from publishing, can be republished after enhancements and the set budget can also be increased at any point of time.


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