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What Is Chitika Audited And Unaudited Revenue?

Chitika Unaudited Revenue is the approximation of how much revenue you’ve earned. At the end of each month, Chitika eliminates fraudulent clicks and compute the final earnings for your account, this is called as “Audited Revenue“.

Web publishers can make money from their search engine traffic using personalized targeting ad solution from Chitika Premium ads.


Ad traffic stats are updated daily before 10:00 AM Eastern Time. Fraudulent or the invalid clicks are the clicks from scrapers, automated bots, obvious multiple clicking, etc., that Chitika won’t charge their advertisers.

Chitika has done enhancements to it’s daily reporting systems to dynamically detect and discount obviously fraudulent clicks on a daily basis, but they are not filtering all of it’s accounts on a daily basis. So, they rely on a monthly process and the revenue is purely based in “Audited” revenue.

If you haven’t yet implemented Chitika ads on your site, Try it out.

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