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What is Apple Music ? – Streaming music service

Apple Music is a digital streaming music service by Apple Inc. Users can listen to millions of tracks in the Apple Music library which also includes Internet radio.


Why Apple Music?

Benefits of the membership to Apple Music are as follows:

  • Enjoy unlimited listening from Apple Music library
  • Add Apple Music content to own library
  • Save for offline listening
  • View and follow artists feed on Connect
  • Listen various Apple Music radio stations including Beats 1
  • Play, save and like Connect content or radio songs
  • Get expert music recommendations

Apple Music Membership

Apple Music is offered as a free three month trial membership. The membership can be acquired for a single person or a group of maximum six people. The membership requires a sign up and group membership requires iCloud Family sharing. Visit https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201088 to set up Family Sharing.

One membership is sufficient to use the service on all iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod Touch, Apple Watch and PC. Mac and PC need to be updated to the latest version of iTunes. The service will also be available for Android phones this autumn.

Membership price

After the trial period is over, the membership is renewed and the payment method is charged automatically. Apple has priced membership competitively in all the regions and countries. In USA, solo membership is for $9.99 per month and group membership is for $14.99 per month. The service is offered for $3 per month in Philippines and Russia whereas in India it is for Rs. 120 per month( less than $2).

Apple Music will be available in the following countries

Apple Music has hit the international market and is launched in 100 countries at a time. The complete list of all the countries can be found here. Important point to be noted is that not all the features of the service are available in all the countries or regions.

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