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What is a Tablet PC ?

You would heard of PC, laptop and even notebook. But what exactly is Tablet PC ?

Tablet PC is portable laptop or slate-shaped mobile computer or notebook that has touchscreen which allows you to operate it with stylus or fingertip. You can also use keyboard or a mouse with your Tablet PC.


Image: Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet PC

You can take handwritten notes directly on the screen and convert them to digital text or to save them for later viewing or processing in other applications. The handwriting recognition on the Tablet PC works based on your natural writing. Tablet PC will have fully functioning PC that’s comfortable while you’re on the go and that also works well when you’re at your desk.


Image: Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet PC

Types of Tablet PCs

Slate – Full mobility without the need of using a mouse and keyboard.
Convertible – Integrated keyboard and removable touch screen.

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