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What is a Micro Niche Web Site ?

Micro Niche Web Sites are simple one page web sites that are very useful and provide some excellent information to people who find them. If you create Micro Niche Websites that target high paying keyword phrases, you could make good traffic and make money online. You target high paying keyword phrases which people actively search for in search engines.

Example of Micro Niche Web Sites

Micro niche is a sub niche that is from a particular niche. For Example niche would be “Shoes” and a general sub-niche would be “Dress Shoes” and a micro niche would be “Women Shoes“. If you create a Micro Niche with Women Shoes, there are more chances that your micro niche website will rank in the top results of google for that particular keyword.

Niche Traffic helps to eliminate competition by eliminating keyword terms that have high competition.

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  • AndyCody October 5, 2011, 8:33 am

    Thanks for the info. Never really understood what micro niche sites are and how they work. You covered it all up! Cheers!

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