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What are anchor & vignette ads ? – Adsense

Google Adsense has ad units for mobile called page level ads increase your revenue. It has 2 kinds of ads which only be display on mobile-optimized sites.

2 Page-Level Ads types:

  1. Anchor/overlay ads
  2. Vignette ads

Anchor/overlay ads

Anchor/overlay ads are page-level ads available for mobile devices. Basically, these ads will stick to the edge of user screen that can be dismissed by user any time.


Vignette ads

Vignette ads are another type of page-level ad available for mobile devices. Basically, these ads are whole-page ads and user can skip it anytime by pressing “close ad” button.



  • Page-level ads will not count towards your 3 ads per page limit
  • If you have the code installed in <head> , adsense will automatically  display ads only on mobile devices AdSense will automatically show Page-level ads(Anchor/overlay ads or Vignette ads)

Simple testing – see how your website will display page-level ads

Visit your website using a smartphone or tablet. Add the text #googleads at the end of the website address, example  http://www.thepicky.com/?m=1#googleads


Upon going to the above link, click on a link to move a different page in your blog, a Vignette and Anchor style sample ad will displayed.


How website will display page-level ads – Simple testing



Log in to your AdSense account.
Go to the My Ads tab and Turn on one or both of  Overlay or Vignette ads options.
Go to Get Code section and grab the code
Place the ad code in the <head> tag in your website
That’s it, AdSense will automatically show Page-level ads

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