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What are Amazon Coins?

Amazon Coins are a virtual currency you can use to buy apps, games, and son on in-app purchases on Kindle Fire tablets as well as in the Amazon Appstore.

Kindle Fire users can spend the Amazon coins to buy apps, games or in-game items such as song collections or items in Angry Birds.

All Kindle Fire users will receive 500 coins, which equals $5. The Coins have no expiration date. Release below by Jeff Bezos.

Dear Customers,

If you own a Kindle Fire, you’ll find a little unexpected something in your account right now — 500 Amazon Coins, worth $5. You can use the coins to buy apps and games, as well as items inside apps and games. And if you want to purchase additional coins for yourself or your family, you get to do so at a discount.


From Cut the Rope: Time Travel to Scribblenauts Remix, you’ll find plenty of fun to choose from, and the selection is growing every day. Selection has tripled over the last year, with 25% more in the last three months alone.

We hope you enjoy your coins, and the fun, on us.

Jeff Bezos
Founder & CEO

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