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Top 3 Highly Targeted Phishing Websites

Phishing scams are fraudulent e-mail messages or fake Web sites designed to steal your identity such as credit cards, financial information, user IDs and passwords. Recipients of the scam will be requested to click on an included hyperlink. Clicking this link will cause the fake website to open in the user’s browser, which will request private information such as credit card and banking details and user unknowingly provides his or her sensitive information to the phisher.

Getting hold of the financial or personal information will give phisher total access to the affected user’s account or details.

Top 3 Highly Targeted Phishing Websites

  • Micro-blogging websites
  • Social networking sites
  • Banking sites

Tips to help you avoid phishing scams

  • Never click a link on e-mail message which requests personal information.
  • call the support person or organization listed in the email if you receive suspicious emails.
  • If you are Internet Explorer user, Upgrade your browser with Phishing Filter built-in.
  • If you are Firefox, Upgrade your browser to Firefox 3 or later which built-in Phishing and Malware Protection to help keep you safe online.
  • Contact the targeted institution for advice immediately, If you have already submitted information to scammers as a result of a phishing scam
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